5 Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Artistic Brushes

5 Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Artistic Brushes

The reason being their high-quality and sturdy make. But, a painting brush can only survive for a long time when you utilise it in the right way. Moreover, proper maintenance also accounts for the long life of your painting brush. Here are 5 simple tips that will keep your painting brush in a top-notch condition.

1. Clean the painting brush immediately after every use

When you’re having your own moment of painting, you might be tempted to leave your used brush aside and use another brush to complete. Resist from doing so, especially when you’re using acrylic paints or water colours. Keeping the brush with paint on it for a long time, damages its bristles and makes it difficult to be used for the next time. So, make sure to clean the paint brush thoroughly with water after you’ve finished using it.

2. Use soapy water or a shampoo to clean your brush

In between your painting sessions, when you’re not going to use the brush for a longer time, just rinsing away the brush with water is not enough. You can either use soapy water, or a shampoo to wash the bristles all the down to the ferrule. Then wash off the brush with lukewarm or cool running water until no trace of paint colour is found. For stubborn colour stains, use a dishwashing liquid, or am ammonia-based glass cleaner.

3. Clean the base of the bristles

The most hard areas to clean your brush is the one near the ferrule. But, that is as important to maintain as the bristles of the brush. It maintains the shape of your painting brush and prevents the bristles from spreading. If there’s any paint residue on the bottom of the bristles, it will not come together on the top. Thus, the shape of your brush will be affected.

4. Do not leave your brush vertically in the water or any solvent

Leaving your painting brush vertically in the water or any type of solvent can affect the bristles or completely misshape them. Thus, your brush will never regain its original shape. If you’re working with oil colours, then the solvents you use eats up the glue inside the ferrule that holds the bristles to the handle. Gradually damaging your paint brush.

5. Store the clean brushes either horizontally or with the head-side up

When you’ve completed cleaning the brushes, now is the time to store them correctly. The brushes must not rest against the tip of the bristles otherwise, then get deformed. If you have got canvas sleeves for your brushes according to their sizes, you can easily store the brushes there, or in drawers. The brushes should be kept undisturbed, without pressurizing the bristles.

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